What color are your feelings??

The speed of modern life is bringing us further from our true needs, from our dreams. In time, we are becoming less associated with ourselves and with our being. We are in crisis, stress, trauma, and suffering through habits and behavioral patterns. One should only remember that it is possible to change that. It does not have to be easy but it is important that you are aware that it is possible.

For communication, the body uses pain, produces sounds and speaks many languages. How does the soul communicate? It's unconsciously in the background, sometimes so close that it scares us and than it dissapears. Our soul lures us with emotions we deeply suppress, some their whole lives. We are afraid of emotion, we are afraid of them because when we feel we are so vulnerable, exposed. We try to verbalize these emotions, but it is not easy, there are no words to express emotion. And so, they stay trapped within us, wishing to be free.


However, there is a way we can express emotions. Since we are all artists by birth, we can express emotions with paintings and colors. And this is the basic principle of art therapy, because as a means of communication and expression it uses a creative art process. Art therapy is intended for adults and children to express themselves in their authentic way. To do this, there is no need to be a painter or artist. It is essential to express onself spontaneously with color, pencil, wooden colored pens, or any artwork. Let us materialize our own world of fantasies like children, in letting go, giving up on prejudice.

Drawing with fractal method is just one form of art therapy. Work on a fractal is at the same time work on ourselves, we become a therapist to ourselves. Drawing fractals develops creativity, intuition, patience, concentration, self-confidence, and improves relationships with others. It also eliminates negative psychological states. The fractal drawing provides plenty of information about the individual. Through the fractal drawing we see the individual as a whole, with all his/her special features and potentials. Everyone can draw with closed eyes. There is no default form, you are free to express yourselves the way you feel, what you really ar at a given time.

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