To be able to truly live, we need to abandon or remove all prejudices, pre-created models, and negative believes. From the true understanding of ourselves and the environment, we are sheltered by the veil of resistance, prejudice, everyday worries, desires, fears. In our minds, all we hear is our own racket, noise and confusion.


Therefore, our lives are always on the verge of suffering while we search of safety (salvation). Deeply immersed and tuned to the values of the senses, we are constantly searching for the values of the spirit, for happiness, truth, peace, pleasure, fulfillment, freedom ... And the beauty of truth is exactly what it is. Being accustomed to being observers, we miss the opportunity to be in the game, actively, because, in following the habit, we lost the creative capacity that is always present.

Getting out of trouble and misery, chaos and destruction is right now, if we notice and truly understand the causes of our problems and suffering. By understanding the truth within ourselves, we will awaken the same in others, in a conscious relation to others.

Everything needed for that is already contained in ourselves; all the information is stored in us. In this way, we become aware of our hidden potentials, our possibilities. We become real and creative, recognizable originals.

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