Anyone who has tried to draw or paint a portrait will probably agree with the fact that it is not so easy, regardless of talent. It is necessary to really know the proportions of the head and to practice and practice some more ... ..A self-portrait is similar. In the mirror, you are looking at the motif which you try to print with line and color, based on your own experience.


But there is one drawing technique that enables all people to successfully draw their own self-portraits, without error and any effort or exercise. This drawing technique is equally suitable for all age groups, does not require any prediction and is applied when drawing via fractal method. One draws with closed eyes following certain rules. This way, the element of consciousness is excluded and the hand freely transfers the current state of mind of the person drawing.

When we open our eyes, we see a network of lines drawn on the paper. Chaotic lines form a structure we can not define or name. This network of lines is the foundation of 'self-portraits' drawn in this method. Yet, many start to laugh when they see what they have drawn in an uninterrupted line. They want to color it all and can not wait to see how it all looks. But there is a surprise waiting for them. Namely, in this method, the colors are also chosen with closed eyes. The influence of consciousness is also excluded here. This results in implementation of vibration, without any mistakes, in all fields created by drawing an uninterrupted line. All fields, colored in this way, give us the 'self-portrait' of the person drawing.

This self-portrait is never seen as a motif. There is no hairstyle, makeup, jewelry, ornaments .....however, one feels their painting in some way. In front of them, they can look at the truth, without reproach, condemnation, resignation, losers ... and this truth is liberating.

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