The Culture of Relationships

You might have noticed that while drawing you often think you need an eraser to erase what you've drawn. Or you would just like to fix it, so it looks better…

But there is a drawing technique where you never think to erase and correct your drawings. As you draw you notice that you are becoming curious about the results of your drawing and how it will look like when you're done. Even though the drawing itself is seemingly chaotic, you do not think about “correcting”. Even when you realize that by coloring a structure you have created you are not able to make your drawing beautiful, you do not give up. You go further than the farthest ... You notice silent dedication.


Carefully and patiently you watch over your creation and upgrade it. You care that every field is properly colored and it does not bother you that you do not know what color you choose ... you simply continue. You'd like to see the whole picture immediately, the colored drawing, but there's still a lot of work to do, so you're back to work, painting your drawing that was created by the fractal method.

And you notice that you have calmed down, you suddenly notice your thoughts and feelings. The consequence of this constructive confrontation is devotion. You discover yourself, you are becoming in relation to yourself.

You have opened a space where you are able to face yourself, your thoughts and emotions alternate in constructive confrontation and opposition of thoughts, and you (become) remain silent and satisfied because you have said everything you have. In truth.

The essence of such intellectual and emotional exchange is orientation toward goals, which are not just a purpose to themselves. The essence of it all is in better understanding of oneself and better understanding of other people.

Devotion leads to taking responsibility, because we know what we are dedicated to and why.

In this way, we are trained to distinguish the original from the copy.

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